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About us

About Sabella Sweets, LLC

Sabella Sweets was started by Founder and CEO Kimberly Wyckoff. Our mission is providing a chocolate experience that will have you wanting more.

People always ask me "How did you get into chocolate covered pretzels?"

That is an easy answer " My nephew!"

20 years ago, my nephew was invited to the Tiger Woods Camp. I created a fundraiser so that we could raise the money for him to go. 

It was then that IMPRETZABLE line of pretzels was born. What started out a a family fundraiser 20 years later has turned into a family legacy.  

Our story

Sabella Sweets, LLC is a family business. 

Meet the next generation. 

Lauren Wyckoff is our Chief Operations Officer. Her role is the creator of our Specialty Pretzels. When she is not creating new pretzels, Lauren is focused on her music.

Miles Wyckoff is our Chief Operations Officer & Brand Development. Miles is has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years. He started his first company at the age of 16. Miles spends his spare time perfecting his drawing/art skills.

Maxwell Wyckoff is our Chief Financial Officer. His role is to help oversee the processing of orders. Maxwell's spare time is spent hosting gaming tournaments. 

What others have to say about Sabella Sweets, LLC

These treats get better and better whenever I eat one! The chocolate is so rich and the pretzels are still crunchy!

 When you eat one it's like a party in your mouth! It is not a thin coating of chocolate, but a great  balance of sweet and salty. 

Definitely the best chocolate covered pretzels I have ever eaten!

Marva F.

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